VGM CORNER#5: “Trace Rising” (Axiom Verge, PS4)

Axiom Verge Title Screen

Axiom Verge is quite a unique experience. From the look of it, you might think it’s just a simple throwback to the 8-bit Metroid games as well as other exploration/adventure games of the same era.

Yet, it’s more than that. First, it’s a game made by one man, Tom Happ who started working on the game as a side project since March 2010.  It was released 5 years later on the Playstation 4, and later in 2015 on Windows, OS, Linux, PS Vita and Wii U. It definitely doesn’t look like something made by just one person, with awesome looking sprites, awesome sounding music and a great story for a game of this size. Kudos to Mr. Happ for this!

Second, it’s a game that brings funny twists to the Metroidvania genre. It’s self-aware of its status as a video game, and even uses glitches as a main mechanic within the game. Even though the story tends to less break the fourth wall, there are some non-sensical moments that will make you smirk.

The music tends to add to the surreal atmosphere of the game. On today’s VGM Corner (number 5), I’ll be talking about the track “Trace Rising”, a.k.a. the boss theme.

While the other tracks are more laid back and contribute to the weird atmosphere of Axiom Verge, “Trace Rising” has more kick to it. It pumps you up and launches you into the battle for your life against the bosses you encounter in your journey into Axiom Verge’s surreal environment.

If you need your fix of Metroidvania and/or want to play a unique game, Axiom Verge is definitely worth a try.


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