VGM CORNER#4: “Bonetrousle” or Papyrus’ Theme from Undertale

So, picture this with me: you’re a full-grown adult working around 10 hours a day. You don’t have enough time to play as many video games as you’d like during the week.

What do you do to comfort yourself, besides catching up a bit during the weekend?

Listen to video game OSTs on Youtube!

Honestly, I found that some tracks are great to energize you when you’re feeling a bit down, in those afternoon hours a bit after lunch. This ranges from the rocky Shoji Meguro songs from the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games to the orchestrated renditions of the Ace Attorney songs.

One of the tracks I’ve been listening to these past weeks is hailing from one game that garnered a lot of attention in 2015, Undertale. This homage to RPGs, most notably Earthbound, is packed with great songs. Yet, the one I seem coming back to often is “Bonetrousle”, the theme of the famous Papyrus, the skeleton monster obsessed with capturing humans and spaghetti. But who could blame him? I mean, who doesn’t like spaghetti?

And how about you, what are you listening to?


4 responses to “VGM CORNER#4: “Bonetrousle” or Papyrus’ Theme from Undertale

  1. The soundtrack to Undertale is indeed something special. It’s an awesome combination of old NES-style chiptunes and the modern-day orchestral scores one would expect from a 2010s-era game. The game itself is quite something as well. Of any indie game I’ve ever played, this one is my favorite. It’s to the point where if I were to make a list of my favorite games, there’s a very good chance Undertale would be in my top twenty along with Earthbound, the title which served as one of Mr. Fox’s inspirations.

  2. You’ve jogged my memory about gaming music! I remember back then when I used to listen to Animal Crossing music while I was on the train to work. It might be a good idea to put some gaming music on my smartphone again. I’m enjoying Persona 4 now for the music as well, so this might be a good idea. Any tips where to find the best music?

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