Unboxing: Wootbox #2 – Heroes by Jeuxvideo.com

WOOTBOX_2Last week, I just got the second WOOTBOX. As I talked about it in a previous post, it’s a box full of gaming/manga/comics/SF tie-in products sold by Jeuxvideo.com the #1 video game news website in France.

So WOOTBOX scored some nice points with this new box: it was delivered on time. I got my box on July 1st and the content was way better in terms of quality and variety. Even if there are only 6 products this time instead of 7, they’re better looking and there aren’t multiple tie-in products from the same franchise. If you’ve read the previous post, you might remember that WOOTBOX subscribers (or Wooters as they’re called) got 3 Game of Thrones products. That’s almost half of the content taken over by one franchise.

Regarding the theme for this month, it was “Heroes”. So yeah, a very vague theme if you ask me. Think about any movie, TV series, book , comics, manga or game you’ve watched/read/played since you were born and tell me if there wasn’t any hero in it. It’s the basis for every story: one hero, must go on a quest or through an ordeal to achieve its goal.

Luckily, they handled it pretty well and played it safely. They stuck with video games, comics and manga/anime, which is what most of the Wooters would expect. So let’s dive into the box and see what we got this time:

World of Nintendo plush (€14.00)

WOOTBOX_Goomba Plush

Great way to start this unboxing. You get a pretty nice looking plush from the Super Mario Brothers Universe. Wooters will either get Mario, Luigi or a Goomba plush. I got the latter and I have to say, the plush is well made. It is now sitting with my other plushes: a slime from Dragon Quest and a Mage Chocobo from Final Fantasy.

Luffy figurine (around €10.00)

WOOTBOX_Luffy Figurine


WOOTBOX_Luffy Figurine_2


In my opinion, the weakest part of this month’s WOOTBOX. I know that I shouldn’t be expecting much from a figurine in a 40€ box, but still, it looks ugly. Luffy has a blank stare and looks completely lifeless. Plus, the removable arms are just a pain in the ass to put back.

Batman Arkham Knight mousepad (around €10.00)


Honestly, I giggled when I saw this, especially after the recent controversy around the PC version of Arkham Knight on PC. Still, the mousepad is a nice touch, especially after I’ve ruined my previous mousepad with coffee…

Funko Marvel Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Mystery Minis (€8.00)



WOOTBOX_Funko_Captain America

A little bobble head from the Age of Ultron series. I got Captain America. Not a big fan of the super hero himself, but the vinyl figurine looks nice. Plus, it matches the pin badge with Captain America’s shield.

Exclusive Dragon Ball Z sticker


A fun-looking sticker of Goku chasing Cell around with a bug spray. Very nice.

Exclusive pin badge

WOOTBOX_Pin Badge_2

Finally, the pin badge matching this month’s theme (and luckily, my Captain America bobble head!).

A WOOTBOX magazine




A new addition to this box is a magazine replacing the leaflet that was found in the first WOOTBOX. This magazine lists all the products you got and what you could have won with the special Mega WOOTBOX, hoping that will be a good enough incentive to keep your subscription, right?

Also, as a nice touch,  a double page features some pictures of the WOOTBOX community members with last month’s prizes.


  • The theme was well-played despite its vagueness
  • I received the WOOTBOX right on time
  • There is a lot more variety with the tie-in products
  • Apart from the Luffy figurine, the tie-in products look good
  • The magazine is a nice touch and helps building a sense of belonging to a community


The only negative thing I see is the Luffy figurine, which like I said, looks cheap. If I had an advice to give, it would be the following if the next WOOTBOX contains another figurine: for the sake of keeping a good quality level among the products, I would rather have less products in my box (like 5) and get a better-looking figurine.

My final verdict

Jeuxvideo.com learned from the first WOOTBOX and stepped up their game. I was glad to see that they’ve heard the complaints with the first box and made the right tweaks here and there. A welcome change that will definitely bring more members to the WOOTBOX community, I hope.

Next month’s theme will be retrogaming, which I am clearly looking forward to. And August’s Mega WOOTBOX will contain a specially made arcade machine with a worth value of €2,990. Awesome!


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