3DS Dragon Quest VII & VIII coming to Europe

Yuji Horii, the father of the Dragon Quest series (also known as Dragon Warrior in the west), has recently announced that the 3DS remakes/ports of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII will be released in Europe.

Horii was this weekend at the Japan Expo in Paris, the largest Japanese pop culture convention outside of Japan. According to tweets from attendees, the games are being localized in French.

Rumors concerning a western release of Dragon Quest VII on 3DS already started when Square Enix asked a US-based fan translation team to put an end to their project. Awesome news for European JRPG enthusiasts, especially with Dragon Quest VII who was never released outside of Japan and North America. And it’s been already more than 2 years since the Japanese release of the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII.

No information on the release date yet, but I honestly think it will not come out until beginning of 2016. No worries though, as this will leave me enough time to enjoy Dragon Quest Heroes on PS4!



ROMANO S. – Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS coming west, according to series creator – Gematsu – July 4th 2015

2 responses to “3DS Dragon Quest VII & VIII coming to Europe

  1. I heard Dragon Quest VII was insanely long. Apparently, you don’t even fight a single monster until about an hour into the game. I heard something similar about Dragon Quest VIII, but not quite to the same degree.

    The only game in the series I’ve completed is Dragon Quest V, and it’s one of the best JRPGs I’ve ever played.

  2. No, in Dragon Quest VIII, you already have your first fight not too long after starting the game. Plus, you get to the overworld very soon.

    And yeah, I’ve heard about the infamous first 2 hours in DQVII. But apparently, in the Japanese 3DS remake, they revamped the intro and the first dungeon.

    Maybe they fixed some of those frustrating aspects of the game and helped gamers focus more on the game’s better sides.

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