E3 2015: my highlights of the event

E3 2015 has been over for almost a week. If I had to sum up the event, I would say that it was interesting. At first, I wasn’t expecting that much from the event. Yet, in many regards I was glad with most of the announcements.

Like many gamers, I genuinely fear that a lot of the companies we grew up with will make a hard shift towards mobile gaming. In its own, it’s not a bad thing. I mean, companies want to make money, that’s what every company was created for. That’s why they aim for the juicy mass market of mobile gaming that’s filled with clones of classic games with some additional features here and there. Mobile gaming is such a thriving market that demand for quality games with an adapted business model is high.

As console/PC gamers, our biggest fear is being alienated by companies we like and respect for what they do. Creating a game is getting tougher and more expensive with the years. Gone are the years where one person could code a game in its garage and try to sell it on its own. Plus, business model like freemium games shook up the market and made the classic business model of selling at a single retail price think quick on its feet to reinvent itself.

E3 is a wake-up call to all those skeptics to show them that companies are still here and that they want to make even bigger games. The video game industry is and will remain an awesome industry.

So, here are, from my own perspective, the biggest highlights from the E3 2015 press conferences:


Fallout 4

Some new Fallout 4 gameplay footage was revealed and like so many gamers, I’m really excited to get the game.


Initially announced as Doom 4, it’s an upcoming reboot of the Doom franchise. The gameplay trailer looks really nice and seems to capture the essence of violence and high-speed action that defined the Doom franchise. Still, let’s just hope that the final game will be as intense as the first two entries.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

I have to be honest. When Trey Parker and Matt Stone showed up on the stage, I was fangirling a bit. The Stick of Truth was a great game for South Park despite its little flaws here and there. You can really feel like they put all their soul in the game like they did in any other South Park episode. Now with a new game following up on The Stick of Truth, we shift to a modern super-hero setting with the Coon, Mysterion and the others.

And at the end and title reveal, I honestly laughed my ass over at the title of the game. Genuine South Park touch.

For Honor

A new IP by Ubisoft that piqued my curiosity. The trailer was a bit slow to start, but when gameplay footage appeared, it looked great. It really looks like Chivalry but seemed to be more focused on mind games between players, defense and attack-wise. Really worth the attention with some great potential for multiplayer.

A great change of pace from twitch shooters like Call of Duty.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

A new IP many gamers were expecting. The gameplay footage shown told us more about the Dark Zones concept and the coop mechanics. If you’re greedy enough, you can decide to backstab your teammates, so you don’t have to share the loot. The trailer had an eerie and uneasy feel, like “The Thing” from John Carpenter. Maybe it’s the snow and the fact that you have to constantly be on your edge just to avoid any betrayal from a teammate you trusted.

Watch out for massive griefers, though.


The Last Guardian

Yes, this game is happening. After many years of absence, The Last Guardian is a real thing. Team Ico will finally be able to see their next project come to life in 2016.

This game is so special that even Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, congratulated Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter!

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games, the developer studio owned by Sony Computer Entertainment and behind the Killzone series, will release a new IP. In a post-apocalyptic world dominated by robotic creatures, you play the role of a female hunter and archer, Aloy. This will be the first action-RPG developed by the studio.

FFVII Remake

Enough said. Let’s be all patient and wait for it.

Shenmue III

Sony hit hard with this triple combo TLG+FFVII+Shenmue 3. We’ll finally see last chapter of the Shenmue series come to life. The latest entry was released in 2001, so it’s been a long road since then for Yu Suzuki and its team to see this project become official.

And now, the project is on Kickstarter and in a week, it gathered more than $3.5 millions.

Square Enix

A new NieR game

A nice surprise coming from Square Enix was the reveal of a new NieR game project. I played many years ago the first NieR on Xbox 360, and despite its flaws, the game was breathtaking: a great storyline, great replay value and an incredible soundtrack.

Project Setsuna

A new RPG IP was revealed with very little detail revealed. Only a couple of concept arts were shown but if it is as good as Bravely Default was, then sign me in.


Finally, kudos for Nintendo and their attitude with a hilarious Muppets-style conference video. Sure, many thought their conference to be shallow with very little announcements apart from a new Starfox game on WiiU.

Yet, there’s no one like Nintendo to have its CEO go around looking like a puppet and then turn into an anthropomorphic bunny. Don’t even get me started on Reggie Fils-Aime. I had to pause the video so I could stop laughing and breathing again, after hearing: “My puppet body is ready”.

Here are all the puppets bits (courtesy of Eurogamer):

So, what were your favorite E3 moments this year?

Please let me know in the comments.


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