A new header for the blog

A quick post on a little aesthetic change on the blog.

I’ve been looking for some way to improve the look and feel of my blog. A new theme? Maybe later, when I’ll be tired of Oxygen. Custom CSS? I’ll need to upgrade to the WordPress Premium plan or switch to another hosting service, so I can dive freely into HTML and CSS. Plus, I am still a newbie when it comes to HTML and CSS…

I settled today with a new header. I was getting tired of the old one, with a macro of a white Xbox 360 controller. I mean, it’s almost 2 years since the release of the Xbox One and the PS4!

Dragon Quest Slime

I went with a change in style. The new header features one of my favorite video game mascots, the Slime from Dragon Quest. This fan art was created by DeviantArt user Keytee-chan, among other awesome fan arts. I love the style and thick line she gave the little monster.

Since I had quite some space left, I put the title of the blog in the header and removed the one that was on top. For the record, I used Textcraft to create the title and subtitle. A cool site if you’re lacking Photoshop or if you want to create something quickly.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments. Both positive and negative feedback are welcome!


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