PS4: No planned backwards compatibility. Sony tells you why

During the Xbox conference at E3 2015, one announcement that many gamers enjoyed was the backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games for the Xbox One. A great move so Microsoft can keep their Xbox 360 audience and make them upgrade to their latest home video game console.

You would expect that Sony would follow in and announce a backwards compatibility feature between the PS3 and the PS4. Yet, it doesn’t look like it will be the case.

According to an interview of Playstation Europe’s boss, Jim Ryan by MCV UK, the PS4 will be taking a different approach. Here are his main points summed up in a few bullet points:

  • Based on Playstation’s experience with backwards compatibility between the PS3, the PS2 and the PS1, many gamers asked for that feature but few gamers actually used it.
  • Playstation wants to focus more on making the PS4 a more “socially connected console”:
    • Share Play: you can hand the control of a game to a friend/visitor who will come and help you, as if you were in the same room for a 60 minute session at most.
    • Play as You Download: you can start playing a game while you’re waiting for it to be downloaded (or installed if you have a physical copy of the disc).
    • Suspend/Resume: a feature that lets you put your system in rest mode and lets you resume the game you were playing at the moment you left it.


Jim Ryan pretty much insists on the fact that both Sony and Microsoft’s approaches are legitimate. From a bigger perspective, he agrees on the fact that it’s much better for the market and consumers (us, gamers) to have differentiated products.

My two cents on this matter: although it’s a shame that PS4 owners won’t be able to enjoy their PS3 games on a newer system, it isn’t that dramatic. I tend to agree with Playstation on this matter. In most of the cases, if you already have PS3 games you want to play on the PS4, you most likely already own a PS3. Worst-case scenario, you can spend a 100 bucks at most to get PS3 and enjoy your older games.

It’s also a good way to make gamers, developers and publishers shift their focus on games specifically designed for the PS4. Don’t forget that the 8th-generation consoles are almost 2 years old and yet, we’re still getting a lot of remastered versions of previous generation video games and multi platform games.

Remember, a video game console will never be a good video game console without its fair share of good/great video games.

Source: DRING C. – PlayStation on Xbox backwards compatibility: It’s good we’re doing different things – MCV UK – Tuesday, June 16th 2015


One response to “PS4: No planned backwards compatibility. Sony tells you why

  1. From what I understand backwards compatibility is actually an impossibility on the PS4 given that the system would have to emulate the PS3 games as opposed to actually running them off disk and PS3 emulation is currently impossible so probably no backwards compatibility ever.

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