Oculus Press Event: Step into the Rift


E3 has begun, Well we think so anyway as the first news worthy conference comes to an end.

We got an hour presentation to get a good look at the Oculus Rift’s final form and some pretty ground breaking news to accompany the Oculus.

So first up we’re introduced with a brief on how we all love gaming, but something is missing from it. It’s good, but 2D, flat screens kill the immersion of the experience. We’re shown a screenshot of a T-Rex to emphasize the point. Then with a brief one liner of “The begining of VR Gaming” we’re shown an Oculus introduction video:

  • We’re told that it features 2 OLED screens and boasts no motion blur and no pixels.
  • Wide field of view
  • Constellation tracking system for low latency movement
  • Sensor for desks
  • Will feature seated & standing experiences
  • Removable headphones
  • Adjustable lens distance
  • Accommodates glasses


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