Bloodstained becomes the biggest video game on Kickstarter

It seems that people are eager to play a good old Castlevania game. Koji Igarashi launched the Bloodstained Kickstarter campaign last month and it managed to raise more than $1 million in just 24 hours.

Recently, people talked again about the game after it broke a record as the most funded video game campaign on Kickstarter. Currently, Bloodstained managed to gather more than $4.1 millions. It exceeded the previous record holder, the RPG Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Yet, we’re still far from the crowdsourcing record on all platforms held by Star Citizen, a space flight simulator/FPS game that managed to raise more than $80 million since its initial campaign in 2012.

Bloodstained is expected to be released on March 2017.

If Bloodstained piqued your curiosity, you can still back the project until Saturday June 13th, 2015.

Source: WEBSTER A. – Koji Igarashi’s Castlevania revival is Kickstarter’s most funded video game – The Verge – June 11th, 2015


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