Gamesindustry: Region lock stubbornness costs Nintendo a PR win

Here’s a good article on Nintendo’s region-locking policy vs other market players by Rob Fahey.

I relate on so many levels with the frustation caused by this dated aspect of the video game industry.

One time, while I was in Japan for 4 months, I just couldn’t play any new game that came out on the 3DS. At that time around October 2013, it was the grand release of Pokémon X and Y. I was stuck replaying some games I brought with me. I also wanted to buy Dragon Quest VII, but this just wasn’t possible either.

And by the way, like many other Dragon Quest fans, I’m still hoping for a Western release of the game.

Recently, I was more than pumped to buy the Humble Nindie Bundle: great cause, great games, amazing prices. What more could you ask for? But sadly, I was reading everywhere about how this bundle was exclusive to North America and some parts in Southern and Central America.

As the article said, what could have been a sure PR win for Nintendo was just more frustration building up among non-American gamers.

Did you ever face an issue with region-locking before? Did you manage to find a solution? Please tell me more in the comments.

Source: Gamesindustry


6 responses to “Gamesindustry: Region lock stubbornness costs Nintendo a PR win

  1. What makes you think it’s exclusive to some parts of Central America? I’m from Costa Rica, and I made a post about region locking bullshit once. I found out that the eShop (and everything that it implies) was exclusive to 27 out of the 197 countries on Earth, and the only 3 countries from America that have access to it are Canada, the United States and Mexico. No Central America, South America, or the Caribbean.

      • Dude, there must be like 5 ambassador accounts in all of Central and South America. The thing is that it’s not available to the general public here.

      • Is it the same thing as the ambassador program which is only available to people who bought their 3DS before August 2011?
        Still, it’s not like Europe where nobody can get the bundle…

      • I’m pretty sure. Even if it wasn’t, it would still just be available to a very, very small minority, which would leave us with the same problem.
        Well I’m in America and I can’t get the bundle either. But it must also suck for Europeans. And Africans. And every Asian country that is not Japan.

  2. I did find a (costly) solution by buying three different region 3DS’s. But I’ll admit, that’s a crazy thing to do. And I seriously hope Nintendo will abandon region locking when they release a new handheld device!

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