Nvidia Bundle: buy 1 graphic card = The Witcher 3 + Batman: Arkham Knight for free

Good news, PC gamers! If you’re looking for a graphical upgrade for your gaming computer, you should check Nvidia’s special offer “Two Times the Adventure” GTX Bundle.

By buying one of the qualifying NVidia GeForce GTX graphic cards, you can get up to 2 games for free. Which games, you may ask? None other that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman: Arkham Knight!

What are the rules? From May 5th to June 1st, you need to buy one graphic card, system or notebook from one of the participating retailers (varies depending on your country).

You’ll be given afterwards download codes or coupons for purchase.

Be careful though, as only the GeForce GTX 970 and 980 grant you both games for free, while the other cards will only give you access to the Witcher 3.

For more information regarding the bundle, please check GeForce’s official website.

Source: GeForce

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