Middle-Earth – Shadow of Mordor: Game Of the Year Edition Announced

Shadow of Mordor - GOTYThis action-adventure game set in Tolkien’s universe and taking place between The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings will get a Game Of The Year Edition, packed with all of the DLCs.

Please note that this edition will only be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. So, Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers will have to stick with the regular version of the game.

This version will come out in the US on May 5th for a retail price of $49.99

A European release will follow right after on May 7th: €59.99 (aouch!) on Xbox One and PS4 / €49.99 on PC

The GOTY Edition will include:

  • 2 Story Packs: The Lord of The Hunt and The Bright Lord
  • Skins: The Dark Ranger, Captain of the Watch, Lord of the Hunt, The Bright Lord, Power of Shadow, and Lithariel Skins
  • Runes: Hidden Blade, Deadly Archer, Flame of Anor, Rising Storm, Orc Slayer, Defiant to the End, Elven Grace, Ascendant, One with Nature
  • Missions: Guardians of the Flaming Eye, The Berserks, and The Skull Crushers Warband Missions
  • Challenge Modes: Test of Power, Test of Speed, Test of Wisdom, Endless Challenge, Test of the Wild, Test of the Ring, Test of Defiance Challenge Modes
  • Additional Features: Photo Mode


2 responses to “Middle-Earth – Shadow of Mordor: Game Of the Year Edition Announced

  1. I’ll definitely grab the GOTY on either PS4 or Xbox One.
    I didn’t make the transition to the 8th generation of video game consoles yet, and the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are horrendous.

    How did you find the Nemesis system?

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