Skyrim: 3 years and Thousands of Mods Later

A nice post about Skyrim and mods by Gerard Barter

Narrative Necessary

As you may have noticed, content on the blog has lagged a little since the New Year. This has been partly to do with life and college commitments and partly to do with the topic of the very blog post; Skyrim, or more specifically Skyrim mods.

skyrim_landscape_by_tnounsy-d6gfh19 Courtesy of

It was around the start of January that I made a return to Skyrim, as I’ve done so many times over the past three years of the games existence. Within minutes the comfort and beauty of the in-game world had me forgetting about all the problems with the game, but sadly, the entertainment I was getting from traipsing through tundra and tree covered expanses ebbed and I found myself dissatisfied with what I was doing, or able to do, in Skyrim.

About an hour after I had committed to engrossing myself in one of the iconic Elder Scrolls games, I shut…

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