Google’s Play Store gets an age-based rating for its games

PEGIThe International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) has recently announced that Android games will get access to an age rating system for their content.

By simply answering a questionnaire, app developers can quickly get a recommended rating on who should play their games and how it should be played. Game creators can use this feature for free and with minimal effort.

The rating agency will still be the one to deliver the rating based on the questionnaire, not the game developer, says said Purnima Kochikar, director of business development for Google Play.

All in all, the most interesting feature behind this is that the rating will adapt to local regulations. Not a big surprise though, since the IARC is made up of the 5 largest rating organisations in the world, each having its own rating system:

  • PEGI (Europe)
  • ESRB (North America)
  • ClassInd (Brazil)
  • USK (Germany)
  • Classification Board in Australia

Countries without a proper rating system will display a generic age-based rating.

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