TGS 2014: A new Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Hey guys,

Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, heavily focused on actual game footage.

The trailer looks promising with a very huge open world and a combat system that looks more like action-RPG combat than the previous entries in the series. Reminds me a lot of Crisis Core on PSP, but with companions that you can interact with.

We also have a sneak peek at some dungeon crawling segments and some platforming elements introduced with a sword that you can use to warp to higher grounds.

While it still is a Work in Progress title, one can speculate on how it could answer to the issues adressed in FFXIII: hallway-like progression, lack of an immediatly available open world and annoying characters.

One interesting piece of information is that Tetsuya NOMURA, a staple name in the FF series, has left his position of director on this game and is now working on Kingdom Hearts 3. Hajime TABATA (previous director of Crisis Core and FF Type-0) has replaced him.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on PS4 and Xbox One.

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