PERSONA 5: a new teaser released

Like many JRPG fans, I am eagerly monitoring any new content for the upcoming 5th entry in the Shin Megami Tensei PERSONA series.

Just a couple of hours ago, Atlus released another teaser for PERSONA 5:

After watching it, there are some note-worthy points:


  • As one can recognize the famous Shibuya crossing, the game will take place in Tokyo or perhaps in a Tokyo-like city, since all the other entries in PERSONA took place in fictional cities.


  • We can also assume that the character in the trailer is the protagonist, as he remains silent during the whole teaser, while witnessing something strange happening right in the center of the crossing.



  • Finally, the game will also get a PS4 release! That’s some great news, since the previous trailer released on November 2013 indicated a PS3-only release. Also, both versions will come out simultaneously.

Why is the last point so important? Well, the SMT games (including the PERSONA series) belong to that category of games that are so strong and compelling that it can boost the sales of some gaming systems, especially in the Japanese market. And the PERSONA series, mostly since the release of the 3rd entry was able to gather quite a large fanbase and brought many people to the SMT series.

In the mean time, Western audiences can keep themselves busy on 3DS with the release of PERSONA Q (November 2014) and SMT IV (Q3 2014 in Europe)!


Shin Megami Tensei IV

For those of you who did not see the previous PERSONA 5 trailer, here it is:

Thank you for reading and see you soon on other video game-related topics!

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