Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-star Battle (PS3)

2014 is a wonderful year for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fans!


D’ARBY is pleased.

Not only did we witness the release of the new anime of the 3rd season “STARDUST CRUSADERS”, but we also got a Western release of a fighting game by Namco Bandai Games.

Go watch the anime, goddammit!

Go watch the anime, goddammit!

For all of you who know nothing about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (JJBA for short): a Japanese manga series mixing action, adventure and supernatural with some elements of comedy and horror. What makes it so special is that it’s one of the longest-running manga series in Japan and one of the best-selling ones. Although not as popular outside of Japan as Dragon Ball or One Piece, it inspired many other manga authors due to the numerous elements it brought.

Explaining the whole plot would require a blog on its own, since the series is still running since 1986 and is already at its 8th part. To sum it up quickly, JJBA deals with the Joestars, a family with English roots, “cursed” by the events of the first part involving vampirism and supernatural powers. In each generation, a descendant of the Joestars, nicknamed “Jojo”, is the main protagonist and deals with a large cast of characters.


While it has evolved a lot story-wise and art-wise, JJBA managed to create a very coherent and immersive universe.

While it’s a typical shônen, its style, its charismatic characters and more-than-you-can-count unforgettable moments make it a really great and enjoyable experience to sit through. Here is one of the memorable exemples fans remember (for its hilariousness):

As it’s common for popular manga series, it got various adaptations (anime, videogames, etc.) during the 90’s, but nothing for the current generation, until the release of a new anime in 2012. With this, came also a new video game, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle for the PS3. Released in 2013 in Japan, it finally got an international release on April 2014.

All the 8 Jojos are here.

All the 8 Jojos are here.

Developed by Cyberconnect2, mostly known for the development of the .hack series, the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja fighting game series and Asura’s Wrath: as the manga involves a lot of fighting and a large cast of iconic characters, it was naturally adapted into a fighting game, pitting the main protagonists and foes of the 8 seasons: all the main Joestars are here but also Dio (and DIO, too), the Pillar Men, Yoshikage Kira, Akira Otoishi, Diavolo, Enrico Pucci, Funny Valentine, …

Characters still pose fabulously.

Characters still pose fabulously.

The game style borrows heavily from the manga.

The game style borrows heavily from the manga.

It’s every JJBA’s fan dream coming true: the game is very faithful to the original manga. Many of the abilities illustrated in the manga are here. An amazing experience for fans. Even if you’re not a fan, it’s still a solid fighting game. You should definitely consider it, especially in this time where there isn’t that much in terms of fighting games. Maybe this will get you also to read the manga and/or see the anime!

Josuke's still very sensitive about his hair.

Josuke’s still very sensitive about his hair.

Despite some drawbacks like an unbalanced character roster or a weak story mode, the game is a true gift from Japan, as the fanbase isn’t as large and wide as it is the case for Dragon Ball, One Piece or Naruto.

What are you waiting for? Go get it!



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