The name of the game

Since we are right at the genesis of this blog, I guess that explaining the name of the blog – Late Gaming – is a valid enough reason for writing a post.

I really had a hard time finding an appropriate name for this little project of mine. At first, I was considering terms borrowed from the gaming lexicon : loading game, soft reset, save / load, level grinding, etc. You get the point. But either no one really fitted with the way I’m trying to position my blog or it was already used by another WordPress blogger.

After a full day of work wondering how I could name my project, the right name came to me while I was having a late night video game session. It was already my third playthrough of Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII on the PSP & I just finished a particularly satisfying boss fight. The term “Late Gaming” popped in my head while I was saving my game before getting a good night sleep.

Let me explain you why I think it’s a fitting name. “Late gaming” is a wordplay which refers to three main ideas :

  1. For starters, it’s been almost a year since I took back a very strong liking to video games & decided to move on to next generation consoles. The fact is I didn’t truly bought a home video gaming system since the Dreamcast (in 2001) & I just kept borrowing systems from friends. So you might consider me as a kind of “late gamer” who is trying to make up for all the time that I spent not playing.
  2. While even if I didn’t play that much during the past five years, I’m still interested in “the latest games” & I try to keep up with all the new hits, especially video game series I grew up with.
  3. Finally, I realized during that last late night session on Crisis Core that I really enjoy those kind of sessions. Especially when you’re approaching the end of a game & you’re so excited that you don’t want to put off your controller. I especially remember the final boss of Persona 3 -one of my favorite games BTW-, who took me almost 2 hours before reaching the end credits! It was already 1 A.M. when I decided to keep on with the game & said to myself “Screw sleeping! I’m not going to leave this business unfinished. Let’s end this right now!”. Well, I didn’t know at the time that just the final boss battle would take me 1 hour, dialogues & cinematics not included… Oh well, at least it was something I’ll still remember for a while. And that’s the third big idea behind the name of the blog. Talking about unforgettable experiences which took place for me mostly during “late night gaming sessions”.

BTW, if you haven’t played Persona 3 (what are you waiting for?! Go grab a PS2 or a PSP!) & if you don’t mind having spoilers about the end boss, just watch the following video & the related ones after. The boss fight itself spans on six videos while the end cinematics & credits span on four videos.

The featured picture for this article is a property of Flickr user jDevaun

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